29, Nov 2022
How to Choose Caster Rollers

Caster rollers are a useful tool for moving any object around. They allow for the movement of anything from furniture to large equipment. Choosing the right caster wheel is a matter of personal preference. The type of wheels you choose is largely dependent on the size and weight of the object you are trying to move, as well as the flooring you plan on using it on.

What determines weight capacity?

There are two basic types of casters. Rigid casters and swivel casters. While rigid casters are designed to handle a large load, swivel casters are more suited for rolling in a single direction. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of options. This link : https://www.castercity.com/

The type of material used to make a caster wheel is another important factor. Soft materials are best for outdoor use and are made from polyurethane or rubber. Harder materials can be used for indoor use, but are more likely to damage floors. Similarly, you need to be aware of the temperature at which you intend to operate the caster wheel.

The wheel size you choose will affect the ease of rolling the caster. Generally, larger wheels will be easier to roll, and have a lower starting resistance. This means you’ll spend less time and effort on the first few steps of the roll.

For heavy loads, you’ll want to choose a caster with a wide wheel. The wider the wheel, the more ground it can cover. Wide wheels also prevent tripping.

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