4, Feb 2023
What to Look For in an Organic Baby Bib

organic baby bib

A baby bib is a piece of cloth that organic baby bibs wear around their necks to protect their skin and clothes from food, spit-up, and drool. They can begin using bibs right after birth or later, when parents start weaning their babies or when babies eat solid foods.

What to Look For in an Organic Baby Bib

Babies are born with thin, sensitive skin and they can easily get irritated by rough and synthetic fabrics. So, to keep your little one’s skin soft and protected, choose an organic baby bib from our collection of organic cotton bibs.

The Best Organic Baby Bibs for Your Little One

Our organic cotton bandana bibs are triple layered with a GOTS-certified Organic Cotton top layer and backed with a super absorbent polyester fleece. These bibs are super fast absorbing and keep your baby’s clothing dry, which will save you time when changing them.

Reversible Bibs with Adjustable Snaps

Our collection of reversible bandana bibs are perfect for newborns and younger babies because they transition from a burp cloth to a bib with adjustable snaps. Each bib is made from 100% organic cotton and comes in neutral designs so it can be worn on either side of the body, making them great for boys and girls alike.

Big, Stain-and-Odor-Resistant Plastic Bibs

Bumkins baby bibs are extra large, designed to cover your child’s whole torso, lap, and arms. The wipe-down plastic material makes them easy to clean, and they’re available in a wide range of unisex patterns that are super cute.

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