27, Apr 2023
Custom Skateboard Stickers

Custom skateboard stickers can be used to adorn a deck with any image that suits its owner’s personality or style. These customized adornments can range from movie stars and cute animals to fractal designs and nature shots. These images can be used to spruce up an old board or create a new one.

Where best to sell stickers?

Skateboard stickers are a large part of skateboarding culture. This fusion of street art, rebellion, postmodern imagery, controversy and original typography is a symbol of urban freedom and youthful expression. These stickers can be used to adorn bare boards, spruce up a worn deck or pay tribute to a company or brand. Some skaters even develop an obsession with collecting them, displaying their private sticker collection in their rooms and homes.

Creating a personalized skateboard requires a bit of artistic skill and the right equipment to make a clean, professional looking graphic. Some skaters use marker and paper or stencils to create their designs, while others prefer to rely on a computer’s graphics program to do the work. Either way, a quality marker or poster paint will help achieve the most vivid colors possible for your design.

Our custom skateboard stickers are available in either singles or rolls and feature a permanent adhesive that holds on well. They also have a glossy or matte over-laminate that gives them a refined, polished appearance and helps resist damage. They also come with UV finishes that enhance their color and slow down fading, so your stickers will look great for years to come.

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